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    Leaning tower of Paris
    The top of the Eiffel Tower leans away from the sun, as the metal facing the sun heats up and expands. It can move as much as 7 inches.
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    Buzz Aldrin may not have been the first man on the moon, but the Apollo 11 astronaut has another historic first under his belt, so to speak: first person to pee on the moon.
    A U.S. park ranger named Roy C. Sullivan held the record for being struck by lightning the most times, having been struck — and surviving — seven times between 1942 and 1977. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot in 1983.
    Goats have rectangular pupils.
    A single human sperm has about 38 MB of DNA information in it. After a successful copulation, a male human transfers about 1600 GB of genetic information to his partner
    The last US president that wasn't a Republican or a Democrat was Millard Fillmore, who took oath of office in 1850
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    Helium is the only element that cannot be solidified by sufficient cooling at normal atmospheric pressure
    Only seven women hold the privilege of wearing white dress to meet the Pope – Queen Sofia of Spain, Queen Paola of Belgium, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Letizia of Spain, Princess Marina of Naples and Princess Charlene of Monaco. All other ladies has to wear black outfits
    Elaine, Linda, Alice and 47 other baby names were banned by Saudi Arabia
    In 1704, Isaac Newton predicted that the world will end in 2060
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